SDL Citizen – A Mobile App for Your Residents

Municipalities across the country are trying to deploy mobile technology for resident feedback and convenience. Did you know that this functionality (with a user-friendly interface) has been available to SDL clients for quite some time?

SDL clients who launch the SDL Citizen mobile app (free for users and included with most SDL municipal software packages) let their residents communicate with government the same way they communicate with merchants, friends and family. The video below shows how an SDL Citizen user reports a pothole in seconds… without having to type or text anything.

Even better, your SDL system can process that information however you want; it can automate notifications to appropriate departments, or route them to staff who will make assignments.

Better still, your SDL software can automatically notify everyone involved whenever something changes. And when citizens can help themselves, your staff can concentrate on more valuable matters.

If you use SDL Desktop in your government, the chances are that you’re a short (and nearly cost-free) step from more efficient government and offering your residents an efficient line of communication to it. To find out whether you have everything you need to deploy SDL Citizen, please contact SDL Support at:

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