Introducing the SDL Portal App: Enhancing Citizen Engagement for Counties and Municipalities

SOMERSET, NJ (October 3, 2023) — Spatial Data Logic announces the launch of the SDL Portal App, the mobile extension of their citizen-facing portal. The app is designed to streamline access for citizens, allowing them to easily search for information, submit applications and make requests to their local government online. Beyond convenient online services, the app will also enable counties and municipalities to bring their own resources and information into the app providing a more personalized experience for residents. 


Designed to meet citizen expectations for convenient online services, the SDL Portal app acts as a mobile extension of your building, providing citizens with access to a wide range of services. Through the app, citizens can:

  • Report issues in real time
  • Submit applications, forms and requests 24/7
  • Search for property and permit information 
  • Receive non-emergency alerts
  • Review their account history 
  • Get status updates on existing requests

The availability of services and information within the app will vary for each user, as local governments have the authority to determine which department services, information and resources will be accessible to the public. 

In addition to streamlined access to information and services, counties and municipalities will also have the unique ability to customize the app to provide other helpful links and resources to their residents, including: 

  • An integrated event calendar
  • A “Today” widget that provides personalized location-based information such as street cleaning days, trash pickup days and school closures/delays
  • External links to relevant county/municipal resources such as news and directories 
  • Links to social media pages


“Our clients have long expressed their desire for a comprehensive mobile app that not only makes it easy for residents to submit applications and requests online, but also establishes a branded mobile platform for promoting their own county/municipal news, events, social media pages and resources,” said Bryan Proctor, CEO of Spatial Data Logic. “With the SDL Portal app, we are proud to assist local governments in achieving both of these objectives. We are excited to bring this valuable service to governments and citizens alike.”

For more information about the SDL Portal app and its features, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To download the app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.