What's Included?

SDL’s software is a comprehensive municipal management solution. With the SDL Enterprise License, your municipality will receive:


  1. Functionality for many departments and common municipal workflows.
  2. Solutions for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  3. Full access to all solutions within each department. No need to pick and choose. 
  4. Resident-facing app and portal to streamline citizen engagement.
  5. Municipal website that syncs with all other SDL systems for a seamless user experience.

Included Solutions

SDL Desktop, SDL Mobile, SDL Online, SDL Portal, SDL Citizen and SDL Sites are all included in your Enterprise License. All platforms sync in real-time to provide one interconnected solution. 

SDL Desktop
SDL Mobile
SDL Mobile
SDL Citizen
SDL Portal
SDL Sites

SDL Desktop

SDL Desktop is a powerful desktop application for municipal staff that connects departments and automates processes.
What Can Municipal Staff Do With SDL Desktop?
  • View tasks
  • Search for information
  • View property history
  • Navigate GIS Map
  • Process requests, concerns, applications, etc..
  • Schedule personnel 
  • Track usage
  • Pull reports
  • And much more….

SDL Mobile

SDL Mobile provides enhanced field capabilities for inspectors, DPW workers and other remote staff. The app enables users to access information and complete tasks on-the-go using their smartphone or tablet. Complete inspections and service requests, view daily schedules, document work with photos and notes, search for property history, access GIS maps, manage complaints and more.

What Municipal Staff Can Do With SDL Mobile?
  • Search property history
  • Access schedules
  • Complete inspections
  • Document worksites with photos and notes
  • Access permits and other documents 
  • View pre-plan information
  • Manage complaints 
  • Complete service requests 
  • Create & assign crew 
  • Access property history
  • Track labor, materials & equipment 
  • Access GIS maps
  • Vehicle tracking 
  • And much more...

SDL Online

SDL Online is our cloud-based solution that offers a visually pleasing and user-friendly way to access information and complete tasks from a web-browser. It’s versatility allows us to provide additional tools to help our clients work efficiently from any location such as our remote inspection feature, file manager and simple plan viewer.

What Can Municipal Staff Do with SDL Online
  • Activity reports 
  • Inspections
  • Plan Reviews
  • Calendars & Scheduling
  • Complaints & Service Requests
  • Maps & Property Information
  • Property Management
  • Remote Inspections
  • Simple Plan Viewer
  • Request files & plans
  • Build custom forms

SDL Citizen


SDL Citizen is a free mobile app that provides residents with yet another engagement option. Similar to the SDL  Portal, the SDL Citizen app allows users to search for public information, submit requests and check the status of their requests using their mobile device.

What Can A Resident Do With SDL Citizen?
  • Search for information
  • Share concerns
  • Schedule inspections
  • Submit applications
  • Set Alerts
  • Submit OPRA Requests
  • Check status updates
  • View location-based content 
  • And much more….

SDL Portal


The SDL Portal is a convenient, web-based tool for residents and municipal staff alike. While municipal staff use it as a quick reference tool, it primarily serves as a convenient way for citizens, businesses and professionals to engage with their municipality online.

Our portal offers 24/7 online access for community members to search for property information, submit applications, report concerns, schedule inspections and check the status of their requests. Your town controls which departments and features are available to the public.

What Can Municipal Staff Do With SDL Portal?
  • Search for information
  • View concerns
  • Access inspections
  • View requests
  • Check status updates
  • Track usage
  • Pull reports
  • And much more…

SDL Sites

SDL Sites is a municipal website that will increase engagement and enhance communication with your residents. Not only does the website provide a fresh look and personalized web experience, it is yet another tool that residents can use to search for information, check requests, set alerts, schedule inspections and manage renewals directly on their town’s website. Any action taken on SDL Sites will seamlessly integrate with the other SDL platforms to streamline municipal workflow. 

Website hosting, security and support is included as part of this platform.  

What Can Municipal Staff Do With SDL Sites?
  • Drag and drop content
  • Easily add new pages
  • Perform updates on-the-go
  • Organize calendars, documents, and pages
  • Benefit from integrated pagebuilder

SDL Hosting

SDL Hosting

As the need for remote access grows, municipalities can opt for SDL Hosting which eliminates the need for on-premise servers by hosting the SDL Desktop in our Google cloud environment. With SDL Hosting, clients will have a reliable solution that:

  • Provides access to the desktop from any location

  • Eliminates the need to have and maintain in-house servers

  • Addresses cybersecurity concerns

  • Helps ensure staff is utilizing the most current software version

  • Includes hosting, SQL licenses, client access and backups 

For more information about our hosting services, please contact our sales team.