Why Choose SDL?

Spatial Data Logic’s Municipal Management Software helps bridge the gap between municipalities and their constituents by providing visibility across departments, streamlining workflow for staff and enabling self-service access for residents. 

Let us show you why New Jersey municipalities trust SDL to run their municipality. 


Headquartered in Somerset, SDL knows what it takes to run a municipality in New Jersey. We bring 26 years of municipal experience and have served over 260 clients in the state of New Jersey.

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Spatial Data Logic's software is an all-inclusive, municipal-wide solution. With SDL, your municipality will receive access to all of our software platforms, department modules and workflows.

Our platforms include desktop, tablet & mobile solutions designed with municipal staff, inspectors & residents in mind. Best of all, our modules are designed to be full-department solutions meaning you can access all of the platforms and functionality we've built for that department.


SDL’s platforms and department modules sync together to provide a comprehensive view of property history. As a result, municipal employees can search for information and collaborate across departments. Managers can also pull reports to get a municipal-wide view of activities, requests and concerns. 
Visibility across departments
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SDL’s municipal management software also includes 3 platforms for residents to engage directly with their municipality (a mobile app, municipal website and portal). On these platforms, residents can access information, submit requests, schedule inspections, report concerns and monitor progress online. 

Your municipality decides which platforms, departments, and functionality you want to make available to residents. Keep in mind, by enabling these options, your municipality should anticipate a reduction in data entry errors, foot traffic and phone calls.


Our municipal management management software is developed, tested and can be deployed in a matter of weeks. 

Customer Service


At SDL, customer support isn’t an afterthought; it’s a key differentiator. We have an in-house support team to take your calls and a formal ticketing system to ensure prompt and effective resolution. We also offer on-going training.

Our software supports automatic updates meaning you will always have the most up-to-date software and security patches.  


GIS maps are dynamic maps that allow staff to map assets, link documents to parcels, search for information and quickly navigate their municipality.  Users can overlay data layers to the map to see different views such as terrain, road closures, flood zones, property value, property type, etc…

Municipal staff can also use these maps to get a quick view of property history including past applications, complaints, inspections & violations.