SOMERSET, N.J., and RESTON, Va. – Spatial Data Logic (SDL), a SaaS provider of workflow automation and digital transformation solutions, and Carahsoft Technology Corp., The Trusted Government IT Solutions Provider®, today announced a partnership. Under the agreement, Carahsoft will serve as SDL’s Public Sector distributor, making the company’s industry-leading SaaS offering, SDL Connect, available to the Public Sector through Carahsoft’s reseller partners and National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint and OMNIA Partners contracts.

SDL’s cutting-edge municipal management software, SDL Connect, integrates cloud-based software, citizen engagement platforms, and mobile applications. This offering gives municipalities the ability to work efficiently from anywhere while ensuring citizen’s needs and expectations are met. SDL Connect’s digital form builder delivers both predefined workflows and the flexibility to create forms and associate processes for use cases at any level of complexity. The software spans a variety of municipal departments, processes and functions, helping municipalities and their residents come together by providing local Governments with visibility across departments and streamlined workflow for staff and residents with self-service access to critical services.

In January, SDL announced a strategic partnership with Google Public Sector to help bolster SDL Connect with next-gen technologies like the Vertex AI Platform, Document AI, key analytics products such as BigQueryLooker and more. These integrations help further SDL's goal of automating Public Sector workflows, managing complex information online, and helping citizens navigate Government processes. SDL serves over 250 agencies supporting more than 5 million citizens, with solutions powered by Google Cloud.

“With the addition of SDL to our Customer Experience and Engagement portfolio, we can empower Government agencies with practical and valuable solutions and enable constituents to engage with the Government efficiently,” said Craig P. Abod, Carahsoft President. “Today, more citizens are interacting with agencies virtually than ever before, highlighting the importance of providing digital services. Carahsoft is looking forward to working with SDL and our reseller partners to ensure the Public Sector has access to innovative CE/CX technologies that allow them to meet the needs of all stakeholders seamlessly and effectively.”

SDL Connect is available through Carahsoft’s NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement #AR2472 and OMNIA Partners Contract #R191902. For more information, contact the Carahsoft team at (571) 591-6210 or

We’re excited to announce a few organizational changes within the SDL customer success team. These changes will allow us to
offer faster response times, additional training resources, and clear lines of communication with a single point of contact specific to your needs. Below are the key changes:

  • Promotions:

    • Dee Haege has been promoted to Vice President of Customer Success. In this role, Dee continues to oversee all aspects of customer success. This ensures each client has a cohesive experience from onboarding and implementation to ongoing technical support.
    • Megan Kelly now leads our team of customer success managers, ensuring each client has a dedicated point of contact who knows the details of each of their client’s accounts.

  • Onboarding and Technical Support: We have created dedicated onboarding and technical support teams. This allows for better training resources and faster response times on incoming requests.

  • Escalation Process: Going forward, any non-technical support escalation should be sent directly to your Customer Success Manager, who will work internally with Dee Haege to resolve the matter. Our goal is to provide a clear line of communication for our clients, providing a single point of contact for all inquiries related to your account and partnership with SDL.


Have you met your dedicated customer success manager?
If not, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we’ll connect you right away.

Somerset, New Jersey – March 11, 2024 – Spatial Data Logic (SDL), a leading provider of municipal management software, announced the acquisition of Municipal Information Systems, Inc. (MIS), a government software provider based in Mountainside, New Jersey. For over 26 years, SDL has offered customers technology solutions to help modernize and increase connectivity between local governments and the citizens they serve. Today, SDL helps over 250 agencies supporting more than 5 million citizens. The acquisition of MIS marks a significant milestone in SDL’s New Jersey expansion efforts. It helps further their goal of automating public workflows, managing information online, and helping citizens navigate government processes.  

Bryan Proctor, CEO of SDL, said, “We’re thrilled to announce the acquisition of MIS. This investment strengthens our position in the government technology space and underscores our dedication to helping local governments effectively manage services online. Digital transformation is imperative in New Jersey, especially due to recent legislation requiring local governments to work online. The SDL solution provides MIS customers an immediate path to modernize their workflows and address the new law's requirements.”

SDL will work in collaboration with MIS to provide their current clients with a path to adopting solutions that better address their needs. This is particularly important because New Jersey recently passed State Bill 1145, requiring local governments to leverage digital solutions for construction applications and permits. SDL’s software solution fully complies with these regulations, giving MIS customers an easier path to compliance.

Stan Kosciuk, President of MIS, will be working alongside the SDL team over the next year to ensure a seamless transition for their customers. Mr. Kosciuk said, “The best solution for our clients is to align with a company that has already developed and implemented the capabilities necessary to comply with NJ State Bill 1145. We decided on SDL because of their track record in meeting these new regulatory requirements and their ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction. The MIS team will work closely with customers to ensure everyone has a smooth transition to the SDL software platform.”

The transition goes beyond complying with NJ State Bill 1145. It also expands functionality for current MIS customers who can adopt SDL software specific to their department needs. Local governments working with MIS will benefit by moving to the SDL platform, which includes modules designed to work together to increase collaboration, transparency, and efficiency.

SDL continues to grow across the United States while maintaining the strong track record developed in New Jersey. To learn more about how SDL drives efficiency and accelerates digital transformation for local government, please contact the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Spatial Data Logic is a leading provider of municipal management software. Built on over 26 years of best practices, Spatial Data Logic's software streamlines municipal operations, increases transparency between departments, and enhances citizen services. Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Spatial Data Logic serves over 250 government agencies and 5 million citizens. 

In an era where technology continues to reshape traditional processes, New Jersey Electronic Permitting Bill A1145 aims to bring positive changes to building officials statewide. This groundbreaking legislation seeks to streamline and modernize the permit application and approval process, bringing about efficiency and transparency. Let's delve into the 3 key compliance points of the law and explore how it is poised to reshape the landscape of permitting in the Garden State.

Requirement 1: Provide the ability to submit requests for on-site inspection of a project.

Here, the law mandates municipalities to accept inspection requests digitally. By transitioning to digital permitting software, the state aims to reduce the time and resources traditionally spent on physical documentation. A digital platform aims to simplify the submission process, making it more convenient for businesses and individuals to comply with regulations. This shift not only benefits applicants but also ensures that regulatory bodies can handle a higher volume of permit requests without compromising on accuracy. The paperwork reduction and streamlined processing translate to a more cost-effective and efficient system for everyone involved.

Municipalities that use Spatial Data Logic already have online inspection request capabilities. Applicants can request and confirm inspections through the SDL Online Portal. These online forms can be incorporated into backend workflows for easy tracking.

Requirement 2: Provide continuous, 24-hour accessibility for the submission of both scheduling requests, and the materials necessary for permit application review.

With an online portal, individuals and businesses can submit permit applications, check the status of their requests, and receive notifications—all from the comfort of their homes or offices. The digital platform facilitates seamless interactions, enabling authorities to request additional information promptly and applicants to respond in a timely manner. This dynamic exchange expedites the permitting process and fosters a more transparent and collaborative relationship between all stakeholders.

Spatial Data Logic currently offers the SDL Online Portal, an internet-based solution that is hosted in Google Cloud, which meets FedRamp, StateRamp, and HIPPA compliance standards. It acts as a digital extension of your building, allowing 24/7 access to permit applications, submissions, and inspection requests with real-time updates. 

Requirement 3: Provide the ability to submit the materials necessary for application review.

Lastly, the law requires that online portals have the capability to collect application materials. The SDL Online Portal supports the submission of required UCC application materials per sub-code. Robust encryption protocols and secure authentication mechanisms are implemented to safeguard sensitive data, instilling confidence among applicants that their information is protected throughout the application and approval process.

New Jersey's Electronic Permitting Law is pivotal in the state's commitment to embracing technology. By prioritizing efficiency, accessibility, and collaboration, the law sets the stage for a more streamlined and transparent permitting process. As stakeholders adapt to this digital transformation, the benefits are anticipated to extend beyond mere convenience, fostering a regulatory environment that is both responsive and forward-looking. 

Have any questions? Spatial Data Logic is hosting a webinar on February 27 at 10:00 am EST. During this session, we'll review the three main aspects of the regulations and cover commonly asked questions. You'll leave understanding the details of the regulations and what you must do to stay compliant. Click here to join.

SOMERSET, NJ (October 3, 2023) — Spatial Data Logic announces the launch of the SDL Portal App, the mobile extension of their citizen-facing portal. The app is designed to streamline access for citizens, allowing them to easily search for information, submit applications and make requests to their local government online. Beyond convenient online services, the app will also enable counties and municipalities to bring their own resources and information into the app providing a more personalized experience for residents. 


Designed to meet citizen expectations for convenient online services, the SDL Portal app acts as a mobile extension of your building, providing citizens with access to a wide range of services. Through the app, citizens can:

  • Report issues in real time
  • Submit applications, forms and requests 24/7
  • Search for property and permit information 
  • Receive non-emergency alerts
  • Review their account history 
  • Get status updates on existing requests

The availability of services and information within the app will vary for each user, as local governments have the authority to determine which department services, information and resources will be accessible to the public. 

In addition to streamlined access to information and services, counties and municipalities will also have the unique ability to customize the app to provide other helpful links and resources to their residents, including: 

  • An integrated event calendar
  • A “Today” widget that provides personalized location-based information such as street cleaning days, trash pickup days and school closures/delays
  • External links to relevant county/municipal resources such as news and directories 
  • Links to social media pages


“Our clients have long expressed their desire for a comprehensive mobile app that not only makes it easy for residents to submit applications and requests online, but also establishes a branded mobile platform for promoting their own county/municipal news, events, social media pages and resources,” said Bryan Proctor, CEO of Spatial Data Logic. “With the SDL Portal app, we are proud to assist local governments in achieving both of these objectives. We are excited to bring this valuable service to governments and citizens alike.”

For more information about the SDL Portal app and its features, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To download the app, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

At Spatial Data Logic, we take great pride in providing solutions that help the communities that we are a part of and the towns that we live in. 2021 reinforced the need for modern and accessible governments. As a company, SDL continued our commitment towards helping municipalities to modernize processes, move services online and adapt to a new way of doing business.

As we take a look back at 2020, we are thankful for the opportunity to do what we do best: help municipalities thrive. This year alone, we’ve onboarded over 35 new municipalities and expanded our relationships and usage with over 45 of our existing clients. We’ve also been able to help our clients navigate the unique challenges of 2020 by developing new tools that enable them to work efficiently from any location and keep critical tasks in motion.