The City of Clifton Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - May 11, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes the City of Clifton as its newest client! Located in Passaic County, New Jersey, the city plans to utilize SDL’s Land Use and Public Works software to streamline department processes for its staff and community members.

With SDL’s software and platforms, Clifton’s departments will be able to work efficiently both in the office and out in the field, while also enhancing services for its residents. SDL’s Land Use module will help the city’s staff track and manage board applications, 200 ft. offsets, zoning permits, board applications, block grants, inspections, violations and other processes. Meanwhile, Clifton’s Public Works Department can use SDL’s software to help with complaints, service requests, fleet/asset management, stormwater management and other tasks. Both departments can also take advantage of SDL’s citizen platforms to enable online zoning applications, road permits and complaints for residents.  

When working in the field, SDL Mobile will help inspectors access property information and zoning applications, create/complete inspections, manage complaints, and look up statutes. Clifton’s DPW department can also take advantage of SDL’s mobile app to access GIS information, address complaints, complete inspections and service requests, document work and track equipment, labor and materials. 

We look forward to working with the City of Clifton!

Schenectady County Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ – May 3, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic is excited to announce our newest client, Schenectady County. Located in the Capital Region of New York State, the county oversees 8 municipalities and will be using SDL Connect to streamline services for its 150,000+ residents.

Currently, Schenectady County relies on fillable PDFs which require residents to either print and upload the form, or return the completed form to the county’s office. Having secured some recent grant money, Schenectady County hopes to use SDL Connect to create a more seamless process for the public to apply for applications and forms online. 

The county’s new software includes SDL Forms, an intuitive digital form builder, that its IT department can use to build online forms with customized backend workflows. Some of the processes the county wants to bring online include its daycare reimbursement forms and gun permit applications which involve collecting personally identifiable information and documents. With SDL Forms, Schenectady will now be able to offer these services online thanks to an integration that will help the county accept and verify the authenticity of sensitive documents such as driver's licenses and social security numbers. Additionally, SDL Forms offers integrations to provide HIPAA-level security and compliance for file uploads and storage, in addition to other security features when viewing sensitive files. 

Once the forms have been created, Schenectady County will have the option to add the forms to SDL’s citizen platforms and its county website. When a form is submitted online, the appropriate party will be notified and can use SDL’s cloud-based software to review and process the request.

“Governments are facing rising expectations to move services online,” said Jack Flood, Vice President of Operations at Spatial Data Logic. “With SDL Connect, clients have a combination of cloud-based software, citizen platforms and municipal websites that can be used to create streamlined, digital services for the public. We are thrilled to partner with Schenectady County and look forward to helping the county provide better online services for its citizens.”

To learn more about SDL Connect, visit

The Township of Bedminster Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - April 21, 2022 - SDL welcomes the Township of Bedminster! Located in Somerset County, Bedminister will be using SDL’s construction software to streamline permitting, plan reviews, inspections, certificates and reporting for its staff.

With the SDL Enterprise License, the township will have access to other tools that will help their department work efficiently and move services online. For instance, inspectors will be able to take advantage of SDL Mobile to access owner information, permit applications, past inspection results, violations and other property information from the field. They will also be able to view their daily inspections, get directions, send arrival notifications and complete inspections from a smartphone or tablet. 

The building department is also looking forward to bringing more of its process online. With Spatial Data Logic, Bedminster will have an end-to-end permitting and plan review system that will allow them to accept online permit applications, plan uploads and inspection requests. The system will also facilitate online plan reviews and real-time information exchanges with applicants. Bedminister can also opt to bring other features online such as permit searches to save time and reduce ORPA requests for its staff.

We look forward to working with Bedminister's Code Enforcement department to implement its new construction software!

The Borough of Dunellen Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - April 19, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic is excited to announce its newest client, the Borough of Dunellen! Located in Middlesex County, the borough has selected Spatial Data Logic’s software to streamline and modernize processes for its construction office. 

Dunellen’s Construction Office was previously utilizing UCCARS to manage its permit data and DCA transmissions each month. Spatial Data Logic’s software will now make it easier for the borough to manage its permitting, plan reviews, inspections, certificates, reporting and other construction processes. The department will also benefit from SDL’s fully electronic permitting and plan review solution that will allow them to satisfy the state’s new UCC permitting requirements.

The Borough of Dunellen will also benefit from SDL’s unique integration with its MOD IV provider, BRT Technologies. With this integration, the Tax Assessor will no longer need to do manual MOD IV imports for Dunellen’s Construction Office. Instead, BRT automatically sends daily feeds of MOD IV data to SDL, ensuring its clients have the most up-to-date owner information. In turn, SDL’s permit data feeds back into BRT’s database each day, providing the Assessor with updated permit information. 

We look forward to helping the Borough of Dunellen get started with its new construction software!

The Borough of Seaside Park Selects Spatial Data Logic

SOMERSET, NJ - March 16, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes the Borough of Seaside Park. Located in Ocean County, the borough will be implementing SDL’s Building, Code Enforcement, Clerk and Pet Licensing modules.

After trying multiple software vendors, Seaside Park’s Construction and Code Enforcement offices were looking for a more unified solution that would increase visibility and collaboration between departments. With Spatial Data Logic, the Borough of Seaside Park will be able to work on development projects together and share information throughout the municipality. Additionally, the borough will have access to SDL’s mobile app, which will help its inspectors stay connected and complete tasks from the field. 

With SDL Mobile, Seaside Park's inspectors and code enforcers can access owner information, permit applications, past inspections, violations, complaints and other property history. Inspectors can also manage their daily schedules, get directions, send arrival notifications and complete inspections from their smartphone or tablet. Any actions taken in SDL mobile will automatically sync back to Seaside Park’s office staff, ensuring all parties are working off of the latest information.

The Clerk’s office is also looking forward to implementing Spatial Data Logic’s software to help with OPRA requests and Pet Licensing. With multiple departments flowing through one system, Spatial Data Logic’s software will make it easier for the Clerk to search for information, manage OPRA requests, and respond to resident requests. The software also includes a full Pet Licensing module that will help with licenses, renewal reminders, rabies verification and tracking incidents. 

Should Seaside Park choose to enable SDL’s citizen platforms in the future, the borough will be able to save its departments even more time by extending access to information and services online. For example, the borough can provide public access to permit information, inspection results and other property information to reduce OPRA requests and calls. They can also choose to bring department services online, including permit applications, property registries, certificates of occupancy, inspection requests, complaints, OPRA requests and pet licensing/renewals. 

We look forward to helping the Borough of Seaside Park get started with its new software!