Weehawken Township Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - Jan 17, 2023 - Spatial Data Logic is pleased to welcome Weehawken Township as our newest client!  The township is moving off of multiple software providers and spreadsheets, opting for an interconnected solution that can meet each of its department's individual needs, while also promoting interdepartmental visibility and collaboration.

The municipality will be implementing SDL’s Construction, Code Enforcement, Land Use, Health, Clerk, Pet Licensing and Fire Prevention modules. With Spatial Data Logic, each discipline will have its own department-specific software to streamline processes such as property management, permitting, inspections, complaints, OPRA requests,  changes in occupancy, etc…. The township will also have SDL’s mobile app to assist its Health, Building, Code, Land Use and Fire Prevention inspectors in the field. SDL Mobile provides convenient access to property history, applications, complaints and inspections, making it easy for inspectors to complete tasks and report real-time information to their office staff.

With its new software, Weehawken Township will also be able to improve online services and engagement for its 17,000+ residents. SDL’s software includes 3 convenient citizen engagement platforms that the township can choose to enable for the public: a municipal website, a web-based portal and a free mobile app. Once activated, departments can move services online such as pet licenses/renewals, mercantile applications, fire test uploads, issue reporting, OPRA requests, clerk applications, building permit applications, zoning applications, inspection requests and more.

Weehawken’s Building Department is also looking forward to using SDL’s end-to-end permitting and plan review system to comply with upcoming UCC permitting requirements. SDL’s citizen platforms will enable the department to accept online permit applications, plan uploads and inspection requests, while facilitating online communications with applicants. Additionally, SDL’s software and electronic plan review system will make it easy for the construction official, technical assistants and subcode officials to review permit applications and plans electronically.

We look forward to helping Weekhawken’s departments get started!

The City of Millville Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - Jan 6, 2023 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes the City of Millville as our newest client! Located in Cumberland County, New Jersey, the City recently selected SDL’s Construction, Code Enforcement and Land Use software to modernize processes for its development departments.

With Spatial Data Logic, the City’s Construction, Code Enforcement and Planning and Zoning staff will have an all-inclusive and interconnected software solution, helping them to streamline their individual department tasks while working collectively as a group on development projects. SDL’s software will make it easier for Millville’s staff to manage land use applications, building permits, plan reviews, complaints, inspections, violations, invoicing, reporting and other department processes.

City inspectors can use SDL Mobile to stay connected with their office staff and access applications, property history, complaints, codes, and other information from the field. SDL Mobile will also enable the departments to investigate complaints, conduct inspections, document findings and complete other tasks using their smartphone or tablet.

The City of Millville’s Construction Department is also looking forward to implementing SDL’s electronic permitting and plan review solution to comply with impending permitting changes. SDL’s permitting software will enable the city to bring its Construction Office online, giving residents the option to apply for building permits, upload building plans, request inspections and check the status of their requests electronically. Additionally, Millville’s Construction Official, Technical Assistants and Subcode Officials will have all of the tools they need to process permit applications, review building plans and respond to applicants digitally.

We look forward to helping the City of Millville get started with its new software!

Spatial Data Logic Honored As 2023 GovTech 100 Company

SOMERSET, NJ - January 4, 2023, For the third year in a row, Spatial Data Logic (SDL) has been honored as a GovTech 100 company. Each year, Government Technology magazine recognizes 100 companies that make a difference in state and local government.

Headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey, Spatial Data Logic has spent the past 26 years building reliable software solutions that over 265 government agencies have used to streamline their department processes and move services online. The company’s services include department-specific software solutions, citizen portals and apps, mobile inspections, municipal websites, electronic permitting and plan review solutions, digital form builders, and other innovative tools. 

The software streamlines processes like permitting, licensing, inspections, complaints, property management, requests for information, and service requests, while promoting interdepartmental visibility and collaboration. Furthermore, counties and municipalities can use SDL’s citizen engagement platforms to extend their reach to the public, providing a convenient way for residents to submit forms, access property and permit information, and check the status of their requests online. 

“The pandemic accelerated the need for more modern and accessible governments and this year was no exception,” said Jack Flood, Vice President of Operations at Spatial Data Logic. “As a company, we remain steadfast in our commitment to helping local governments achieve these goals and adapt to a new way of doing business. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts.”

When asked about this year’s GovTech 100 List, Dustin Haisler, Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer for Government Technology, said, “This year we have seen an exponential increase in gov tech market activity – from new companies starting up to help government tackle complex challenges, to existing companies joining forces for scale through consolidations, gov tech as an industry is clearly showing its recession-proof characteristics. Each of the GovTech 100 companies demonstrates the energy of our market across all gov tech segments.”

In July, Spatial Data Logic announced a strategic investment from Texas-based middle-market private equity firm, Gauge Capital. The partnership brings additional resources that will enable the company to expand its market presence and offerings in the new year. 

“As a company, we are excited to help more governments embrace technology and get started with their digital journeys in 2023,” said Jack Flood. “When counties and municipalities modernize, everyone benefits, so we are grateful to our staff, clients, and Government Technology magazine for this recognition.” 

To learn more about Spatial Data Logic’s municipal management software, visit www.spatialdatalogic.com. To see the full list of 2023 GovTech 100 honorees, visit https://www.govtech.com/100.


About Spatial Data Logic

Spatial Data Logic is a leading provider of municipal management software. Built on 26 years of best practices, Spatial Data Logic’s software streamlines local government operations, increases transparency between departments, and enhances citizen services for hundreds of government agencies and millions of citizens across the country. For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Independence Township Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - December 29, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic is excited to welcome Independence Township! Located in Warren County, New Jersey, the township selected SDL’s Construction software to streamline permitting, plan reviews, inspections, certificates and reporting for its staff.

With SDL’s software and hosting services, the Building Department can work efficiently from any location. In addition to facilitating remote work for its staff, the township will have SDL Mobile for its inspectors, providing access to owner information, permit applications, past inspection results, violations and other property information from the field. Inspectors will also be able to use their smartphones or tablets to view their schedules, get directions, send arrival notifications and complete inspections.

Independence Township is also looking forward to activating its citizen portal to comply with new UCC permitting legislation. Once activated, the public will be able to apply for building permits, upload plans, request inspections and monitor the status of their requests online, 24/7. The township can also activate online permit searches to reduce OPRA requests, saving even more time for its staff.

We look forward to helping Independence Township implement its new construction software!

The Borough of Seaside Heights Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - Dec 28, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic is excited to welcome the Borough of Seaside Heights, New Jersey! The borough will be implementing SDL’s Construction, Code Enforcement, Land Use, Clerk and Pet Licensing modules to modernize processes throughout its building.

With SDL’s interconnected solution, Seaside Heights will have better visibility, enabling its staff to collaborate on development projects, prior approvals, OPRA requests and citizen engagement initiatives. 

From a development standpoint, Seaside Heights’ Construction Office, Code Enforcement Office and Zoning Department can use SDL’s software to manage its applications, inspections, property maintenance issues, certificates, plan reviews and other tasks. SDL’s software also includes a mobile app for inspectors and offers citizen engagement platforms that Seaside Heights can take advantage of to offer permit applications, inspection requests, property/permit searches and other services online.

Spatial Data Logic will also help the Clerk’s Office streamline its OPRA requests, pet licensing and other ordinance-driven processes. With multiple departments feeding into SDL’s system, the Borough Clerk will have an easier time searching for property history and assigning OPRA requests to other departments. Additionally, the Clerk can use SDL’s Pet Licensing Module to manage applications, renewals, deactivations, payments and its state reporting. Seaside Heights can also use SDL’s citizen engagement platforms to offer OPRA requests, pet renewals and other Clerk applications online. 

Welcome Seaside Heights! We look forward to working with you!