The Borough of Manasquan Selects SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - Dec 22, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes the Borough of Manasquan, New Jersey! After trying other local software solutions, the borough decided to consolidate vendors and move forward with Spatial Data Logic to modernize processes for its Construction Department, Code Enforcement Department and Planning & Zoning Office.

With Spatial Data Logic, the borough’s departments will have a reliable and all-inclusive solution that will streamline permitting, plan reviews, inspections, violations, reporting and other operations. When working in the field, Manasquan’s inspectors will have onsite access to property information in addition to being able to view their daily schedules, get directions, send arrival notifications and complete inspections. Meanwhile, SDL’s citizen portal will act as a digital extension of their building, providing a convenient place for the public to search for information, submit permit applications, request inspections and check the status of their requests online, 24/7. 

By opting for SDL Hosting, the borough’s staff will be able to access its software from any location. In addition to facilitating remote work, SDL Hosting eliminates the need to have and maintain an in-house server while addressing other cyber security concerns.

The Borough of Manasquan joins 260+  New Jersey municipalities that have utilized Spatial Data Logic’s services to streamline processes for residents and staff members. We look forward to having them onboard!

Gloucester Township Selects SDL 

SOMERSET, NJ - Dec 21, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic is excited to welcome our newest client, Gloucester Township, New Jersey! The township will be implementing SDL’s Construction, Code Enforcement, Land Use, Clerk, Pet Licensing and Public Works modules, consolidating multiple services under one software provider.

With most of their departments flowing through SDL’s software, Gloucester will benefit from one interconnected solution that will unite its elected officials, department staff and community members through one system. In addition to better municipal oversight and interdepartmental collaboration, the software offers department-specific tools to help staff members streamline tasks like permitting, licensing, inspections, plan reviews, complaints, OPRA requests, service requests and reporting. When working in the field, Gloucester’s inspectors and DPW workers will also be able to access information and complete tasks using SDL’s mobile app. 

SDL will also enable the township to provide better online services to its 65,000+ residents. The township can activate any of SDL’s 3 citizen platforms to provide an easy way for the public to submit requests, search for property information and monitor the status of their requests online. The township has full control over which departments, information and services are available for the public, but options include online OPRA requests, issue reporting, pet licensing,  permit applications, inspections requests, property registries and much more.

We look forward to helping Gloucester Township streamline processes for its departments and community members!

Margate City Selects SDL 

SOMERSET, NJ - December 19, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes Margate City, New Jersey! Margate's Building Department will be implementing SDL’s Construction, Code and Land Use modules. 

The Building Department wears many hats within the municipality. With SDL, the department will have one interconnected solution that its staff can use to manage all of its tasks such as permitting, inspections, zoning applications, plan reviews,  violations, 200 ft. offsets and more. In addition to better transparency and efficiency, an interconnected solution will also provide better field capabilities.

When working in the field, SDL Mobile will enable Margate’s building inspectors to access property information, past inspection results, permit applications and other information from a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, inspectors can use SDL’s mobile app to access their daily schedules, get directions, send arrival notifications and complete inspections. Any information entered into SDL Mobile will automatically sync back to the city’s office staff, ensuring all users have access to the latest information. 

Margate City also plans to use SDL’s citizen platforms to comply with new UCC permitting legislation and provide other department services online. The Building Department will have full control over which features they want to enable for the public, but options include property/permit searches, permit applications, zoning applications, property registrations, certificate of occupancy applications and inspection requests. 

We are excited to help the city get started with its new software!

Hampton Borough Selects GovSites

SOMERSET, NJ - December 16, 2023 - Hampton Borough has a new look! Located in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, the borough recently partnered with GovSites to upgrade its municipal website and improve the user experience for its 1400+ residents. 

The new website was unveiled in September, offering visitors a more modern and user-friendly destination for borough information. The home page displays upcoming events, news and town alerts, ensuring only the latest information is publicized. 

GovSites, one of Spatial Data Logic’s two municipal website solutions, offers full municipal web services including website design, content migration, content management and ongoing support services. Hampton Borough took advantage of SDL’s web design and content migration services to launch its new site. Moving forward, the borough has opted to use GovSites’ intuitive backend system to manage its own municipal content and updates.

To check out Hampton Borough’s new website visit:


hamptonbeforeafter 1

Hampton Township Selects SDL 

SOMERSET, NJ - December 15, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes Hampton Township! Located in Sussex County, New Jersey, the township will be utilizing SDL’s Construction and Fire Prevention software to modernize processes for its residents and staff.  

By choosing an all-inclusive and interconnected solution, the township was able to consolidate software vendors. With Spatial Data Logic, Hampton Township will have a construction and fire prevention solution that will help its staff streamline operations, work efficiently from the field, collaborate internally and improve its digital citizen services. 

The township can use SDL’s municipal-facing software to manage applications, permits, certificates, plan reviews, violations, inspections, invoices, reporting and other department-specific processes. Meanwhile, the township can activate its portal account to offer construction and fire prevention services online such as property/permit searches, permit applications, inspection requests, fire test uploads, business registrations, and more. Better yet, residents can use the portal to monitor the status of their requests online. 

Hampton Township also opted for SDL’s hosting services. In addition to facilitating remote work, SDL Hosting eliminates the need to have and maintain an in-house server, ensures users are on the most current version of the software and alleviates cyber security concerns. 

SDL is excited to have Hampton Township as a software client and we look forward to helping the township streamline processes!