Washington Township & Washington Borough Select SDL

SOMERSET, NJ - January 24, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes both Washington Township and Washington Borough of Warren County to our growing list of clients. When seeking a new building solution, the township was in need of a reliable building solution that would help their department work efficiently and move services online. Additionally, the township manages the construction process for Washington Borough and needed a software solution that would help them work seamlessly across both municipalities. 

Washington Township and Washington Borough are the latest municipalities to take advantage of Spatial Data Logic’s shared software service agreements. Recognizing the importance of shared services, SDL offers two different agreement options that provide flexibility whether a municipality is sharing department services or pooling resources with another municipality to secure more software licenses.

Spatial Data Logic’s software will make it easy for Washington Townships staff to track and manage processes for both municipalities. It will also help the building department provide better services to the residents, businesses, and professionals in both Washington Township and Washington Borough. For instance, the township can enable online permit applications, plan submissions, inspection requests and permit look-ups, which would make it easy for public users to access information and services. In doing so, Washington Townships staff can expect to see a reduction in calls and incomplete submissions, freeing up time for other important tasks.

In addition to online services, building inspectors can utilize SDL Mobile to access property information, permit applications, documents worksites and complete inspections whether they are working in Washington Township or Washington Borough. Furthermore, the township can take advantage of SDL's Online Plan Review solution to comply with the upcoming UCC permitting legislation.  

“As local governments explore cost-effective ways to deliver services, we are seeing increased interest in our shared software service agreements,” said Jack Flood, Vice President of Operations at Spatial Data Logic. “We are excited to welcome Washington Township and Washington Borough as our newest clients, and look forward to implementing software that will benefit both municipalities.”

The Town of Harrison Selects Spatial Data Logic

SOMERSET, NJ - January 21, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes the Town of Harrison as our newest software client. Located in Hudson County, the town selected Spatial Data Logic’s software for its Construction and Land Use departments at the end of December. 

Harrison was seeking a modern software solution that would streamline and automate its development processes for the town’s staff and surrounding community. With Spatial Data Logic’s municipal software, the town will be able to manage processes like permitting, board applications, meeting outcomes, plan reviews and inspections. Harrison’s inspectors will also have access to SDL Mobile, which will make it easier to access information and complete tasks in the field. Accessible by smartphone or tablet, SDL Mobile will help town inspectors access their daily schedules, send arrival notifications, manage complaints, lookup statutes, search for property information, access zoning/permit applications and complete inspections. 

The Town of Harrison is also looking forward to providing online access to information and services. With SDL’s Citizen platforms, the town will be able to enable features such as property/permit searches, permit applications, inspections requests and complaints. Additionally, public users will be able to log in at any point to check the status of their requests online which will reduce call volume.

Harrison joins 8 other Hudson County towns and over 230 municipalities statewide who have used SDL’s software to streamline processes and move services online. We look forward to getting the Town of Harrison started with its new software!

Long Beach Township Selects Spatial Data Logic

SOMERSET, NJ - January 19, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes Long Beach Township of Ocean County! Selecting SDL as its software vendor at the end of 2021, the township's Construction, Land Use and Code Enforcement departments were seeking a modern solution that would automate processes, facilitate remote work and enhance citizen services.

Based on 25 years of best practices, SDL offers a proven solution that will help Long Beach streamline operations such as planning/zoning applications, inspections, permit applications, property registries, violations and complaints. As an interconnected solution, users will also be able to share information between departments and collaborate on development projects.

One of the main things Long Beach Township is looking forward to is enhancing its citizen services. With SDL’s citizen platforms, the township can provide online access to property information, status updates, and web requests such as property registries, zoning applications, landlord registries and complaints. Additionally, the building department will be able to move its permitting process online including permit applications, plan submissions, inspection requests and information exchanges to comply with new UCC permitting requirements.

Opting for SDL Hosting, Long Beach employees will be able to access their work whether they are in the office or working remotely. In addition to facilitating remote work, SDL Hosting provides other cybersecurity benefits and eliminates the need to have and maintain an in-house server. 

“From citizen platforms to hosting services, municipalities are embracing technology to create modern and accessible governments,” said Jack Flood, VP of Operations at Spatial Data Logic. “We look forward to helping Long Beach Township achieve its modernization goals.”

Chester Borough Selects Spatial Data Logic

SOMERSET, NJ - January 17, 2022 - Spatial Data Logic welcomes Chester Borough as our newest software and website client! The borough joins 25 other Morris County clients and over 230 municipalities state-wide who have implemented Spatial Data Logic’s solutions to modernize processes within its building.

With the SDL Enterprise License, Chester Borough is getting an all-inclusive and interconnected solution that will help their departments operate more efficiently. SDL’s Building, Land Use, Clerk and Pet Licensing modules will help each respective department streamline its daily processes such as permitting, licensing, inspections, OPRA requests and complaints. Staff members will also be able to access their work remotely, thanks to SDL Hosting. 

Chester Borough will also be utilizing Spatial Data Logic’s citizen platforms to provide a better municipal experience for their 1600+ residents. With these platforms, the borough will be able to disseminate information to the public and offer convenient online services such as permit applications and inspection requests.

Another way Chester Borough intends to enhance its public-facing services is through a fresh, new website. Spatial Data Logic will be doing a complete overhaul of their website and visitors can look forward to a more streamlined way to access information and services in the near future.

“Over the past year we’ve seen an exciting shift in municipalities wanting to adopt technology to improve efficiency and move services online,” said Jack Flood, VP of Operations at Spatial Data Logic. “We are thrilled to be working with Chester Borough and look forward to streamlining processes for their departments, elected officials, and community members.”

Spatial Data Logic Honored As GovTech 100 Company

SOMERSET, NJ - For the second year in a row, Spatial Data Logic (SDL) has been honored as a GovTech 100 company. Each year Government Technology Magazine recognizes 100 companies that make a difference in state and local government.

Headquartered in Somerset, NJ, Spatial Data Logic has spent the past 25 years building reliable software solutions that over 235 municipalities have used to streamline their department processes and move services online. The company’s services include department-specific software solutions, citizen portals, mobile apps, municipal websites, hosting services, and other innovative tools. 

“2021 reinforced the need for modern and accessible governments. As a company, we have remained committed to helping local governments move services online and adapt to a new way of doing business,” said Jack Flood, Vice President of Spatial Data Logic. “We are honored to be recognized for our efforts.”

Throughout the pandemic, Spatial Data Logic has helped local governments embrace technology to connect their departments and streamline processes such as permits, inspections, plan reviews, FOIA requests, property registries, complaints, pet licenses, and mercantile applications. SDL offers an interconnected solution that promotes visibility and collaboration between departments, while also facilitating real-time information exchanges with users who are out in the field. Furthermore, municipalities can use SDL’s citizen platforms to extend their reach to the public, providing a convenient way for the public to submit forms, access property and permit information and check the status of their requests online.

The pandemic also opened the door for governments to explore innovative technologies that enable municipal staff to work safely and efficiently while better serving their constituents. As a company, Spatial Data Logic has seen heightened interest in its electronic permitting and plan review tools, remote inspection solution, and custom digital form builder that provides an easy way for departments to move their paper-based services online.

“It’s an honor to help municipalities as they look to modernize and implement digital processes,” said Jack Flood. “Spatial Data Logic takes great pride in building solutions that serve the communities that we are a part of, and we want to thank our staff, clients, and Government Technology Magazine for this recognition.” 

To learn more about Spatial Data Logic’s municipal management software, visit www.spatialdatalogic.com. To see the full list of 2022 GovTech 100 honorees, visit https://www.govtech.com/100/2022.